Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Portland Wins the Lottery!!

The NBA Draft is next month and the lottery was last night. The Portland Trailblazers are happy I'm sure because they got the first pick. I'm sure Greg Oden is already making plans to buy a home in Portland. Below is the order of the first round. The second round is not included because no one gives a damn about the second round of the draft:

1. Portland 2. Seattle 3. Atlanta 4. Memphis 5. Boston 6. Milwaukee 7. Minnesota 8. Charlotte 9. New York1 10. Sacramento 11. Indiana (To Atlanta) 12. Philadelphia 13. New Orleans 14. LA Clippers 15. Orlando (To Detroit) 16. Washington 17. New Jersey 18. Golden State 19. LA Lakers 20. Miami 21. Denver (To Philadelphia) 22. Toronto (To Charlotte via Cleveland) 23. Chicago2 24. Cleveland (To Phoenix via Boston) 25. Utah 26. Houston 27. Detroit 28. San Antonio 29. Phoenix 30. Dallas (To Philadelphia via Denver and Golden State)


Doug said...

I'm not a Celts fan, but I feel bad for their fans. First the missed Duncan and now Oden! Damn.

Saul said...

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