Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hank Aaron: "F*ck Barry Bonds!"

Hank Aaron sounds like a bitter old man to me. We all know that Barry Bonds is eventually gonna break his record and Hank has no intentions of witnessing it. When asked why, he gave this sorry ass excuse: "I traveled for 23 years, and I just get tired of traveling. I'm not going to fly to go see somebody hit a home run, no matter whether it is Barry or Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig or whoever it may be. I'm not going any place. I wish him all the luck in the world." When asked if he had any words for Barry he replied: "I don't have any advice whatsoever, no advice to anybody." Then he went on to say that he'll probably be somewhere playing golf when Barry Bonds breaks his record. LOL! Did he say that he wouldn't travel to see Babe Ruth or Lou aren't they dead therefore making it impossible for him to see them break his record??? I bet he'll be somewhere pissy drunk shouting obscenties on the night that Barry breaks the record.


Loren said...


Go Barry!!

Hot Rod said...

Shatter that damn record Barry. F U Hank your weak ass don't do shit for the city you from. Eat trash old bitter ass man.

SJH said...

I'm with Aaron. The fuck you gonna show up and support a man breaking your record when you know he used steroids?

Jack said...

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