Monday, May 07, 2007

Ballers and Baller-ettes...

Why is everybody so interested in what athletes wives and girlfriends look like? I don't know why the next person is, but it's good to see them in their everyday life without the jersey, without the basketball, and just chillin with their beyoootch. Here're a few pics of some NBA employees and their beeyotches... (AOL Sports Blog)

Kevin Garnett's wife is soooo pretty!

The Mournings - They look like a really grown up/mature couple (prolly because they are). They've been through some thick and thin type shit, you can tell. She looks like she can make your ass feel like shit with a whole bunch of intelligent words (and that's worse than gettin cursed out).

Gary's wife is a cutie.

The Wades - I let her borrow him for a few years. She gone give him back. :-)

Steve Nash and his boo - Dont' they just look they tango in their sleep?

Caron Butler and his lil lady.

The Wallaces - Rasheed Wallace's 'ole lady' has an around the way cuteness.


Loren said...

Did you ever find out if Mrs Wade was REALLY pregnant??

Spicy Salsa said...

Nope. I wonder what's up with that.