Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Laila Ali is the Sh*t!

Dancing With the Stars has become a must see for me this season thanks to Laila Ali. She completely flipped the script from boxer chick to sexy dancing diva for the show and she looked good every show. Last night was the finale and she didn't win :-( but she was the shit on every episode. She kept it real last night by saying "I'm pissed" when she found out that she had lost instead of acting like it was all good like most people do when they lose. The little figure skater dude, Apollo, ending up winning.


Nikky said...

Yeah, I really wanted her to win too! She was the business!

Loren said...

I was beyond pissed about this! She was the best dancer this season, hands down. That guy that won, Apolo is flamin.

Peregrine said...

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