Monday, November 20, 2006

This BCS is Garbage...

I don't usually comment on many college sports, players, etc. because I work in collegiate athletics, and I'd rather plead the fifth. PLUS I had to sign a confidentiality agreement that I would never make public biased statements regarding any facet of collegiate athletics AND if I did I would be executed upon notification of my actions. So I say this with my fingers crossed...

Check out this week's Bowl College Series (BCS) rankings. If you keep up with it like I do, you'll know why it's complege garbage that the #1 and #2 spots are exactly the same as they were last week. Nationally ranked #2 Michigan lost to #1 Ohio State over the weekend and I be damned if they still are in the national championship title game picture. The BCS has shown to be flawed over the years, but to me this is the ultimate. This really shows that the BCS is stupid and makes absolutely no sense. How can a team lose a game yet not lose their ranking? If I'm Ohio State, I'm pissed about the possibility of having to play the same tough opponent again. It wasn't easy to beat Michigan on Saturday, and I'm sure it will be just as hard to beat them in a championship game. Sorry, but I had to vent about this issue.

The BCS Top 5 (None of the teams in the top 5 changed from last week!)
1 Ohio State
2 Michigan
4 Florida
5 Notre Dame


Hot Rod said...

I just may need to comment every hour on this so everyone else please wait. The BCS is full of shit how does a team lose and they don't drop? I don't care about that point shit it's about wins and losses and somewhere in there they consider your strength in schedule. USC I can tolerate but there schedule is still not tougher than Florida or Arkansas. They beat Arkansas I know but is there schedule tougher HELL NO!!!!! And Florida they shouldn't be in front them, Notre Dame shouldn't be in front of Arkansas. I hope that Florida and Arkansas both run the table, I don't care who wins out of those two. Just so one should be in that championship game. All I keep hearing about is that rematch shit please the best team won that game. Is that really fair to OSU to have to play Michigan again if they do? How hard is it to beat a team twice that shit would be wrong if they did that. Not to mention they act like the SEC is the weakest conference in the world yeah right? Notre Dame, USC, Michigan, even OSU,would be undefeated if they were in the SEC. Don't judge a conference on one loss to a Pac-10 team. Look at how they beat each other, that means it's some damn good teams in that conference. I wish I could meet the BCS guys I'd give their ass a ear full.

SmilesD said...

I don't like the BCS either, but Michigan and Ohio State are the two best teams in the country. Plus, it'll be nice to see these two teams play on a neutral field.

gorgeous loren said...

Brady Quinn is gorgeous.