Monday, November 06, 2006

I Think That....I Like Soccer!!!!

I spent all of last week at a women's collegiate soccer tournament/championship. At first, I wasn't too excited about this because I've never watched a soccer game in my entire life. It just sounds like something that I'm not supposed to be watching. I went into the tournament not knowing about the game (well, I knew that you couldn't use your hands). I had no idea about how the clock worked, if there were quarters or halves, how many people were to be on the field at once....I just had no earthly idea!! But I got into it, and I found myself enjoying it. So kudos for me and my new found interest.


Loren said...

The best thing about soccer is David Beckham's delicious ass.

SmilesD said...

My brother's ex plays for UNC.

juiicySCOOP said...

My best guyfriend was dating a chick who played soccer for my school, so he used to drag me to her games, now I love it!!

But I think I'm like that with all collegiate sports, I can watch those all day but can't stand to watch professional games.