Saturday, November 18, 2006

OK, I'm Confused...

(2004 WWE Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons)

How could anybody ever forget the Indiana/Detroit NBA Smackdown event two years ago? What people probably don't remember is the name of the guy (John Green) who ignited the fuse, better known as Ron Artest. Green threw a cup from the stands that hit Artest, and well....ya'll know the rest.

This man has recently been issued a letter stating that: 'You are forever banned from attending any Detroit Pistons home games.' This really confuses me. How in the hell will they be able to know if he attends another Pistons game? Are you admitted into the games via fingerprint? How will they be able to identify this man from thousands of other people? I just don't get it. Are they going to make every ticket taker study his picture in hopes of recognizing his face? I could be ignorant, but I just don't understand. I guess it's good that they've TRIED to take some kind of actions against this guy since the players were punished.

(Thanks Nikky!!)

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