Friday, November 17, 2006

Another Case of 'Let the Game Go!'

Chris Webber is unhappy, and he recently voiced that unhappiness about his reduced role (includes three 4th quarter benchings) to the 76ers president. I'm sure ya'll all know that
C. Webb had knee surgery a few years back, and he has failed to bounce back to full speed. He is averaging 10.3 points on 37 percent shooting in 30.6 minutes which is down from his 14-year career averages of 21.5 points on 48 percent shooting in 37.9 minutes. Chris Webber says: "I'm not going to keep playing like this. I don't like this role." Well spoken.

The "old" Chris Webber days seem so long ago. Due to his unfortunate set of circumstances, he now joins Grant Hill on my 'Let the Game Go' list.


Hot Rod said...

Point taken his good days are far behind him now. He should definitely think about giving it up especially since he is due 20 million this year and won't be doing much this year.

Nikky said...

Sad case, but definitely time to consider his options...outside of basketball. I guess it's hard to give up on something you love, but when you physically can't perform in the capacity that you are used to, you're just holding on to a dream.