Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Laila Ali Fight...

I love Laila Ali. She's such a kick ass chick (literally)! How cool is it that one of the most beautiful women in sports (and I'm comparing her to any woman in any sport) is a boxer?? I just love her "bitch bring it" attitude and the fact that she'll knock you out and still manage to maintain her feminity while doing so.

Shelley Burton was Ali's latest victim. The two fought untelevised last night at Madison Square Gardens. Even though this fight was at the Gardens and a "big deal," HBO refused to show it. Why?...well, because the two fighting don't have dicks. Plain and simple. ANYWAY, Ali allowed Burton to last four rounds.

A left-right combination smashed Burton's nose and an eruption of blood fell to the canvas as referee Arthur Mercante Jr. stopped the bout.
"I wanted to knock her out cold," Laila Ali said, "but unfortunately she turned her back, which meant she didn't want any more." (ESPN)

Damn! Ali is that friend who you feel safe with at the club. If something's about to go down, you don't even worry cus Laila will handle it. She's now 23-0 with 20 knockouts.


Gorgeous Loren said...

She's so pretty to me..I just sucks how women in sports SILL don't get half as much recognition as male athletes do.

Hot Rod said...

I have to admit HBO was wrong for that. The main event fight really wasn't all that to be honest.

Nikky said...

I went to school with Laila, and she ALWAYS had that air of fabulosity about her. She was extra, extra sweet though, none of us could have guessed she'd go on to do all she's a boxer. Definitely a bad chick.