Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Seems Like it Was Just Yesterday...

when the innocent high schooler by the name of Dwight Howard so timidly described his passion for his spirituality on some show that I can't remember the name of prior to the NBA Draft. He even said that he wanted to change the official symbol of the NBA to some kind of religious symbol. I thought, "Awww, sweet kid. Just wait til he starts gettin that groupie P***y thrown his face."

You know how we know that the Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard is just starting to break the ceiling of NBA stardom? He's hanging out with porn stars. Specifically, amply bosomed former gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey, who tells the story of meeting Howard in a Luke Is Back, apparently a well-read porn blog....continue


CoolStevie said...

Hahaaaaa! I watched that show, too. And I can't remember what it was, either. It showed him hanging out with Josh Smith and it also featured J.R. Smith and some lil' nuccas who ain't amount to nothing.

Dwight Howard and I are the same age so when he was talking that shit, I was relating it to myself. First thought in my mind: "Stop bullshittin' to yourself. You'll be humping more groupies than I would if I was in your place. [Because I hold myself to a higher moral standard than I do others. I'm such a sweet boy.] He'll be the type to screw around and then say a prayer and think it cleans his slate." And my mama was in the room. When he said it, I saw her smirking, so I said, "He can go'on with them lies. We're looking at the next Shawn Kemp."

But as a porn connoisseur in my own right, I must say that D needs to step his game up. He can do better than Mary Carey. Find a better looking broad with real titties.

btw - You saying that we can cuss on here, you done opened a can of worms.

ADB251 said...

^^^Yeah!! That's the show. I was really thinking that "hey he needs to be quiet b/c I'll be impressed if he's that 'strong' about his religion after a few years in the league."

Loren said...

smh..I remember when he was being interview before his rookie year. He seemed like a sweetie pie. Like such an innocent lil boy. That life is starting to catch up to him So sad. What the hell happened to the guardian that his parents sent on the road with him..I guess he's out scouting pussy for him. Damn shame. This kid even said he thought they should put a cross on the damn NBA logo. What happened??? I actually thought he would be a good example for young boys. Oh well.

With that being said, if he's gonna be fucking bitches, at least find an attractive one.

Anonymous said...

I saw that shit to man and word has it he already got a kid on the way. Some dancer chick he been messin wit since he got in the league. Must be nice to see some hot ass twirkin on the sidelines and knowin u bout 2 hit dat when u get home. Religious my ass, man please. His myspace page got a song on it bout him bussin on some chick face then in his blog he try 2 say he just jokin and he like everyone else. I was laughin my ass off thinking bout hell yea u just like everyone else, u wanna fuck! I hope this girl fine as hell cuz word has it he aint trynna step up and tryin 2 keep it secret. Then again most them dance chicks r fine. No offence either but I hope she black. Damn I wonder what his parents gone say. I hope that girl in protection cuz with him tryin to keep his squeeky clean image they may try somethin.