Sunday, February 18, 2007

ESPN to Michael Irvin: "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Two weeks ago, Michael Irvin was basking in the happiness of being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Two weeks later, he's probably basking in confusion as to why he's unemployed. ESPN fired him for what seems to be no damn reason. Surely there has to be something that they're not telling us.


LOREN said...

Didn't they do tha same thing to Harold Reynolds????

SJH said...

It's a conspiracy! They're trying to get all da brovaz off the air. They got mad cuz Playmaker couldn't tap dance and wouldn't shine Steve Young's shoes. Chris Berman asked, "Why can't you be a good house, like Uncle Tom Jackson here?"

Disclaimer: Because some people take even the most ridiculous things seriously and I can't risk someone thinking it's real. None of that shit happened - far as I know - and I'm playing. Real talk: Irvin was let go because they found tapes of him and Harold Reynolds DPing 19-year-old PAs.