Friday, March 02, 2007


A charter bus carrying a college baseball team from Ohio plunged off an interstate ramp early Friday and slammed into the highway below, killing six people, injuring 29 and scattering sports equipment across the road, authorities said. Four students, the bus driver and the bus driver's wife were killed, said police Maj. Calvin Moss. At least three people were listed in critical condition. The bus, carrying the team from Bluffton University, a Mennonite-affiliated school south of Toledo, toppled off the Northside Drive bridge on Interstate 75 in clear, pre-dawn weather, police spokesman Joe Cobb said...(continue)


LOREN said...

WOW..God Bless.

SJH said...

It's sad. I think most of them had been asleep when the bus began to careen and the impact woke them up. Imagine that, being awaken by death.

The weird thing is that the investigators said it doesn't look as if the driver had fallen asleep.


It's something I've thought about more than I want to - that the athletic world's been very fortunate when it comes to travel. There was an episode of Seinfeld (yeah, I watched Seinfeld) where George asks Paul O'Neill if he's afraid of a plane crash and how since they've gone so long without one, a big league plane is probably due for one. It's kinda true. Think about how many games are played and how much travel there is. All those flights. These teams have been really lucky. And it's clichè, but it does remind you about reality. Maybe even "puts things in perspective."

ADB251 said...

I'm actually outta town in the Atlanta area right now so that's been all over the news/papers here. The driver didn't fall asleep, it's just that the road was an unfamilar one to him and really very tricky. I hate the Atlanta interstates.