Friday, December 08, 2006

Tom Brady Sues Yahoo...

New England Patriots star Tom Brady is suing Yahoo over the use of his photo in an advertisement for fantasy football. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in California, charges that Yahoo used an image of the quarterback, who has won three Super Bowls, without his permission....It cites estimates that fantasy football is a $4 billion industry, and that the offering from Yahoo is reported to be the largest, with more than 4.4 million users. (CNN)
That's how the rich stay suing for everything under the sun. I think that I saw my picture in my high school yearbook that I don't remember authorizing. I remember taking the picture to purchase to give to my family members and etc., but I didn't give permission to have it in the yearbook. I wonder if I have a case???!!!???


Gorgeous Loren said...

LOL..Tom needs to sit his ass down somewhere.

I guess I can sue the yearbook people too. I think you may have a case.

juiicySCOOP said...

Hmm, I think you do have case if we are going by this story.

Just sad.

Britton said...

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